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British Hajj & Umrah Council

We are humbled by the opportunity we have granted in serving the Hajj and Umrah affairs of the United Kingdom. A special community that is diverse and gifted, exemplary of excellence and enriched by the blended values of our British and Islamic culture.

The British Hajj and Umrah Council was formed as a C.I.C Not-For-Profit Organisation, a self sustaining entity without need of government funding, representing the interests of the pilgrims and it’s members. Established in 2011 and registered in 2016.


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About Our Municipal

The British Hajj & Umrah Council Vision Established in 2011
More Than 50 Years Of Hajj & Umrah Sector Management Experience
Dedicated To Serving British Pilgrims
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National Vision To Improve British Society Through Connecting The Hajj and Umrah Experience
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The Great British Pilgirmage

Perfroming Hajj & Umrah is the aspiration of millions of British Muslims. We can help in making this journey, more meaningful, fulfilling and the benefits of the experiences shared across our community


Purpose & Vision

Enhance The British Pilgrimage Experience

Mission & Principles

Unlock The Pilgrim Potential In Enriching British Society

Aims & Objectives

Make The British Hajj and Umrah Council The Most Professional Organisation in Hajj and Umrah

Meet The British Hajj & Umrah Council Executives

A Unified Vision Shared Among Complementing Hajj & Umrah Organisation in the UK

Hajj & Umrah Possesses The Power To Transform
Human Beings For The Better

It Is Our Tradition, It Is Our Religion, It Is Our Obligation

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