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This report is part of a greater document titled “The Masked Hajj Doctrine” a piece of work undertaken to provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively navigate and mitigate risks posed by pandemics upon the entire Ecosystem of Hajj.

In the initial research project executive summary provided to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah on the 25th of March 2020, based on the findings of our initial prognosis deduced on the 15th of March 2020, suggested a “COVID 19 Free Hajj” was feasible, provided that the right measures were applied at the right time, contingent on both Government & Public will here in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

“We are grateful to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for demonstrating great leadership and having taken early aggressive measures to stop transmission and save lives.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken ardent action, installing preventative measures as well as facilities to prevent loss of life and safeguard humanity: having sealed the holy cities from being a catalyst of this pandemic, thoroughly sanitising the two holiest mosques in Makkah and Madinah.

Saudi Arabia’s commitment towards welcoming the pilgrims once again, as soon as responsibly possible, is positively echoed globally and appreciated across the World, as Muslims’ you make us proud”

Hajj People & WHUC Foundation – Research Committee


Our Special Projects Division seeks to innovate ambitious and scalable solutions to address the challenges that came along with the advent of the COVID19 Pandemic.

The negative impact of COVID 19 on the Hajj & Umrah sector can be felt across, social, political, commercial, health, educational and religious divides, impacting the entirety of the Hajj & Umrah Eco-System.

Our team of specialists represent a plethora of credible field experience and academic insight. Brought together for their expertise in Hajj & Umrah Management, R&D and pandemics, the World Hajj and Umrah Care Foundation along within its partner’s seeks to produce viable solutions to address the current challenges and to aid in the industry’s rejuvenation process.


Pandemics are no longer considered an anomaly by any measure; rather it has become the daunting future in our reality. With an exponential growth rate of the human population and the proximity between communities narrowing, we can safely deduce that the likelihood of increasing numbers of pandemics is to become the norm. The COVID 19 strain of virus belongs to a family of acute respiratory syndrome pathogens, viruses that have historically plagued the Middle East with SARS and then later with the MERS epidemic.

  • Resolving the impediments of COVID 19 will take more than 5 Years
  • The COVID 19 strains mutations have far reaching affects
  • Vaccination are a mitigating health measure until they promise a 100% efficacy rate
  • Predictive text, a new harmful pathogen expected within 8 years


Global opinion is unanimous that a successful Hajj under current circumstances is where the maximum number of countries can participate, irrespective of the number of participating pilgrims, reduced or as intended, with zero COVID 19 fatalities, zero COVID 19 transmissions. To a lesser extent zero COVID 19 fatalities, with managed level of transmission to less than 1/1000 being within Hajj under pandemic conditions.


Evaluate the risks posed and imposed, domestically and internationally, remove or mitigate all vulnerabilities, introduce all means and measures proven or can prove to achieve zero COVID 19 related fatalities and no outbreaks.