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Permanent Masking During Hajj

Talking, Coughing, Sneezing are involuntary acts, common and required. The COVID 19 pathogen particles containing the virus are suspend in air. Sneezing can project the particles as far as 8 meters at a speed of 200km/h. Mitigating the risk of exposure requires all persons within the Hajj to wear an approved standard “Mask” though out the entire journey, except in areas of sterilised seclusion.


The safest distance between two people or pilgrims without wearing a mask is 8 meters. However the visual distance perceived is not an adequate measure as particles can remain airborne for up to 10 minutes depending on the size of the droplets, heat and humidity in the surrounding area.

1. Talking:

A single person emits 600 droplets per minute whilst conversing at a projector distance of 2-Meters. Each droplet contains under 65,000 particles.

2. Coughing:

Poor environmental conditions, heavy pollution from vehicles, dryness of through under heat will often results in coughing. Coughing projects droplets at a distance of 6 meters, 3000 droplets at 80-km/h. open coughing can be considered as a health hazard under such conditions.

3. Sneezing:

Is a high velocity emission of saliva droplets into the atmosphere. With its recorded trajectory of 8 meters with 40,000 droplets travelling at 200km/hour. The involuntary act requires quick restraint and control at all times.


Wearing a permanent mask during heat conditions could be uncomfortable and perhaps unbearable


The World Hajj and Umrah Care Foundation is working closely with international partners towards the development infection control mechanisms to ensure pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia are shielded from the COVID 19 pathogen. 


Once the pilgrim arrives to Saudi Arabia a full set of protocols and processes have been established in responsibly transporting pilgrims from the Hajj Terminal and back.